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Pacquiao determined to set the record straight with Bradley

People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao is know n for executing power and control, attacking opponents with continuous aggression, giving punches with abandon.

Pacquiao who ruled over Oscar De La Hoya and  brought him into retirement following a match where he was moving up two weight classes for and was the heavy underdog.

The same boxer who gave Ricky Hatton with one punch in the second round. He was also the one man who beat and gave Miguel Cotto blows into giving up  in a 12th-round knockout in 2009. The last time that Pacquiao, boxing’s only eight-division titleholder, scored a knockout.

And now he is back again about to face a fight much awaited by his fans.

In his fight in 2010, the Filipino boxer seemed to bring  Antonio Margarito over the final few rounds of a one-sided decision win, slackens and  and showing concern  instead of giving him more beating.

With 2011,  Pacquiao easily outscored  Shane Mosley. In the third round,  Mosley was  down  and never attempted to finish him. Pacquiao appeared to be  more interested in giving gentle blows with Mosley every round out of respect than damaging the reputation of the former champion.

November, when Pacquiao came back  from a year of temporary discharge after  a knockout loss to opponent  Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth fight to  fight Brandon Rios. Despite his domination over  Rios, he seemed uncertain, probably still affected by  the knockout loss to Marquez. Some slammed Pacquiao of losing  the fire that once burned deep inside him  has already vanished and that the fighter who was admired by many  no longer exists.

It is definitely the same  opinion of welterweight titleholder Timothy Bradley Jr., who has been preparing his growth to his rematch with Pacquiao on Saturday night (HBO PPV, 9 ET) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena determined  that Pacquiao has grown soft, whose hunger and the killer instinct that helped make him a global star no longer exists.

But Pacquiao doesn’t seem to think so.

“My motivation is the same now as it was when I started my boxing career,” he said. “I love the competition, and I love to win. When that stops, so does my professional boxing career. But I don’t see that happening for a long time.”

However, earlier, Bradley, of Palm Springs, Calif., challenged Pacquiao on that. He sat directly across a table from Pacquiao  looked him in the eyes and told him so during the taping their “Face Off with Max Kellerman” HBO special.

Pacquiao didn’t gave a debate on his opinion, and his response was, “I pray for that, another fire.”

Bradley, who received  his world title when he was awarded an overwhelming controversial split decision against Pacquiao in their first meeting in June 2012, maintained to preach that same opinion about Pacquiao during fight week. But Pacquiao doesn’t seem to be much affected saying he is focused to give aggressiveness in their fight and that the more Bradley points it out the more he gets inspired  fueling the hunger and killer instict that he is talking about.

Bradley’s answer to that is he is prepared for whatever Manny will give.

Roach said that Bradley’s persistent talk  on Pacquiao’s supposed lack of fire made him hungrier to win the fight to set the record straight after being robbed two years ago.