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Colton Dixon goes home, apologized to judges

colton dixon

The battle begins tonight….since there will be no more save option from the judges, the one going home will have to accept that the lowest number votes is his or hers…

In this season, American Idol viewers had supported Colton Dixon, and he was very thankful.

However it seemed to him that singing  Bad Romance affected his fate, making the  viewers  hold back their votes Wednesday. On Thursday, Colton was eliminated ending his journey in the competition in seventh place.

“I think it was Gaga,” Colton said by phone Friday morning. “Nothing against her at all. It’s a great song, and she has done well with it. But I think I turned off a lot of my voters by doing it.

Before singing his goodbye song, he gave his apology to the judges and thanked them for all the support they have given and showed to him. He promised that this will be not the last they’ll hear from him.

Earlier, after receiving comments from the judges, he admitted that it stings, but without being cocky he said he doesn’t care.

Fans will surely miss Colton but as he has promised, this is not going to be the end for him.