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Chris Brown Cancels European Tour due to Denied Entry

chris brown

His past might be haunting him.

“SORRY to all the fans in europe!!! My tour is cancelled,” he wrote on the micro-blogging site. Explaining about the cancellation, he stated, “I’m pretty sure ya’ll know. My entry was denied in your country. I love you. SORRY!!”

The R&B performer expressed his disappointment via Twitter account. Fans are surely saddened if not outraged since they will not be seeing Chris Brown perform.

On his Twitter, he posted that he was denied entry into the continent.

Reportedly, his status as an offender was the cause of his visa rejection.

After posting the messages, Chris’ disappointment was clearly shown in a message read, “U ever feel like the storm clouds are too thick for any sunshine to get through?”

Chris Brown was expected to bring his entourage from Asia to Europe beginning this month with  scheduled dates in Britain, France, Holland, Belgium and Sweden.

His concerts which was set to take place in Manchester was even sold out in only 20 minutes after it went on sale in April.

Oh too bad…