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X Factor judges removed from show for bullying

Reportedly, New Zealand’s  “X Factor”  has removed the husband and wife judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon from  the show Monday after commenting  on a contestant’s appearance which seen by many  as bullying.

Kills commented that she was  “disgusted” at how much singer Joe Irvine attempted to copy  her husband in the clean-cut style of his hair and dark suit. She even called him a “laughing stock” adding she was embarrassed to sit in his presence.

Moon jumped in, saying it felt cheap and absurd and “like Norman Bates dressing up in his mother’s clothing.”

The audience witnessed the tirade and find it not amusing at all. Boos can be heard intended for the judges after their scathing  remarks.

Irvine was composed and  handled the situation well, saying he thought “he looked good.”

As a result Mediaworks, which owns broadcaster TV3, released the  news of the firings on its official  website, calling the behavior of the judges  as “completely unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, New Zealand’s Human Rights Commission were pleased with the media company’s action. “I’m glad to see Mediaworks decided to not be a bystander and to publicly condemn bullying abuse,” Commissioner Susan Devoy said in a statement.