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Vhong Navarro to face another complaint from a lesbian

Tv host Vhong Navarro is being accused again, this time the complainant is a lesbian claiming that she was forced by the comedian to do an oral sex .

The complainant whose identity was not revealed by reports, is a 26 year old who plays a female double stunt in the tv series, “I Love Betty La Fea” in 2009.  The charges were filed before the Quezon City prosecutor’s office on Friday, Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter Julie Aurelio tweeted on Friday.

In the complainant’s affidavit,  she said that Navarro invited her to join him inside a  sports utility vehicle, she added that she was not afraid to be alonew with him since it’s their taping day.

She said that Vhong told her that she is a very beautiful lesbian, adding that she needs to taste a real man so she will not want to be with girls.

When we were both inside the SUV, Vhong told me something like, ‘Ang ganda ganda mong tibo. Dapat makatikim ka ng tunay na lalaki para di ka na maghanap ng babae,” the complainant said.

Still inside the vehicle, the lesbian said Vhong forced her to do an oral sex on him. “Afterwards, he unzipped his pants and grabbed me by the hair and pulled me towards his hard and very, very, very tiny penis which appeared to be uncircumcised,” the complainant said.

When she warned him that she will bite his genitals, Navarro masturbated in front of her, the complainant said.

She said that the comedian also forced to insert his finger in her private part. Shock and disbelief according to  her struck her.

The complainant said she was afraid to report the incident because she was embarassed and afraid. nHowever, she was inspired to come out because of Deniece Cornejo and Roxanne Cabanero.

Meanwhile, the camp of Navarro  believes that  Cedric Lee has something to do about the latest complaint.

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    supot at maliit pala hahaha