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Roxanne Barcelo poses for FHM

Former celebrity housemate of “Pinoy Big Brother,”  Roxanne Barcelo was known for her wholesome and sweet image when she entered showbiz.

Now, she is joining list of sexy celebrities of  FHM ladies.

With  Ejay Leungof as the photographer, Barcelo posed topless inside the June 2014 issue of the men’s magazine.

Barcelo switched her screen name to “Roxee B,” saying  that the sexy shoot “came at the right time,” as at the same time, she is also prepared to promote  her comeback album in July.

“It’s so timely kasi even the peg for the whole shoot, it’s sort of where I want to go with the look of my album. It’s a good opportunity to talk about my music again,” Barcelo was quoted as saying on the official website of FHM.

Barcelo, 29,  said she is more confident of herself and that this shows in her music. “I can’t keep doing what people expect of me. In our generation, there’s so much struggle to be ourselves. Now, there’s no part of me that wants to bullshit people anymore.”