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Robert Pattinson does not want to do Another ‘Twilight’ Movie

“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson debuted his new movie “The Rover” over the weekend at Cannes Film Festival. Pattinson said  he has no intention to return to the film franchise that made him into international watch.

Pattinson said, “No one thought it was going to be a big deal. We thought it was going to be like ‘Thirteen’.” He was referring to the first movie that “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke helmed.

When asked if he would accept  another “Twilight” movie, the actor said, “I couldn’t do another ‘Twilight’ movie. I’m too old.” He was excited for a reunion with director David Cronenberg though. “He’s incredibly respectful,” said Pattinson who first worked with the director in “Cosmopolis”.

“The Rover” will be available in  U.S. theaters June 20.