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Sam Milby clarifies he’s no heartbreaker

Sam Milby Hearthrob Sam Milby admits in an interview with "The Buzz" that he came a long way to achieve his status right now

. He was candid enough to answer questions being asked by Kc Concepcion. The actor was asked how does he express his feelings for a girl that he likes. Sam says, “I don’t right away say I have intentions ganun-ganun, I just get to know (the girl) and spend time (with her).” “I think it’s better (because) walang expectations di ba? You just enjoy. Kung mangyayari siya, mangyayari siya,” He added. Sam admitted that he also fears to be rejected by a girl. Despite of the qualities he has, he claims that he is a one-woman man, and there are plenty of times that his heart got broken than the other way around.