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PBB Housemate Joshua Garcia visited by his Father

“Pinoy Big Brother”  housemate Joshua Garcia became emotional when he saw his father stepped inside Big Brother’s house. The senior Garcia was happy  to see his son again after more than 2 months.

Geo Garcia, the father of Joshua went inside “Kuya’s” house to give  advice about his son’s current  “love triangle” situation with teens Loisa Andalio and actress Jane Oineza.

“Pumayat ka ah, parang puso lang ang tumataba,” his father said, who was not allowed to move since they are on a freeze mode for the duration of his father’s visit.

Garcia continued  and told  his son to be careful when it comes to  falling in love easily and the worth  of standing up for himself.

The other housemates couldn’t control their tears seeing and hearing the emotional scene right in front of their eyes.

Before leaving his son, he told him that he loves him and kissed him and made his way back to the confession room. He thanked Big Brother for the chance and added that he is very happy to see his son.

Meanwhile, Joshua was hugged and consoled by his fellow housemates. Inside the confession room Joshua said he wanted to hug his father badly but he couldn’t move. He said he felt strong again, strong enough to face his problems.

This was the second time Joshua received a visit from his parents. Earlier, he was visited by his mom whom he only seen since 5 years old.