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PBB Housemate kisses Daniel Matsunaga

The hot Brazilian-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga experienced a royal welcome  in the “Pinoy Big Brother” house. He even got a kiss on the lips from one of the female housemates.

Matsunaga entered last Saturday as a celebrity housemate of the reality tv show. His first task was to pretend to be asleep while lying in the pool area of the house until he receives a “royal” welcome from the remaining 17 housemates.

In PBB’s telecast on Monday, the  housemates were shocked to see  Daniel. They were trying to find out how will they wake him up. They figured that one of them must give him a kiss on the lips, inspired  from the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty.”

Aina, 21  labeled as “Dancing Bombshell of Boracay,” was asked  by the housemates to kiss Daniel.

Initially,  she gives him a peck on his cheek, but kisses him on the lips when he still did not move.

However, Daniel remained motionless.

Later on, the group decided to go into the pool and tried applying rituals and chants to welcome the sleeping Daniel. Successful with their plan, a sound  of trumpets filled the pool area which prompted  Daniel to wake up.

Big Brother told Daniel that he will have a chance to talk to the housemates one by one inside the magic hallway.


article source: abs cbn