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Marijuana found in Bret Michaels' Tour Bus

bret michaels

Police in Dekalb County, Ind.  on Wednesday night, pulled two tour buses which happened to be Bret Michaels’.

The police discovered marijuana on a tour bus with the Poison rocker and Celebrity Apprentice star Bret Michaels,  according to the Fort-Wayne News-Sentinel.

A DeKalb Clounty Sheriff’s deputy pulled over Michaels’ two tour buses just after 11.30pm because there were no trailer tag lights.

Officers performed a thorough search to both buses , discovering marijuana on both and also an unidentified controlled substances. There were no arrests that happened, however, according to Chief Deputy Jay Oberholtzer, charges have been forwarded to the DeKalb County Prosecutor’s Office.

  • K2

    Maybe it’s medical marijuana?? It’s amazing that marijuana is so hyped up in this day and age.

  • Daveluzon

    hes made an “amazing recovery” so its hardly hype is it?

  • He has such dreamy eyes. <3 What was this article about again?