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Maegan Aguilar calls Freddie Aguilar a “Bad Father”

When “Anak” singer Freddie Aguilar got into a controversy, marrying a minor,daughter  Maegan Aguilar  defended him.But now she  claims that the singer is “abad father.”

During an interview with columnist  Dolly Ann Carvajal, published on Philippine Daily Inquirer on Monday, Maegan admitted her father threw her and her children out into the streets.

In her interview, she said she is now cutting ties with her father and is tired of covering up for him.

Maegan shared her  father threw her and her children out into the streets because of “rotten vegetables.” She also added that part of the senior Aguilar’s anger was the P1,500 she borreowed from him, that she used to buy diapers and milk for her child.

Maegan claimed she only gets a P4,000 salary working at her father’s bar Ka Freddie’s on Tomas Morato in Quezon City. While the family of her wife gets P9,000 monthly.

Maegan believes that his young wife is brain-washing her dad because of money.


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  • stjohnofthevatican

    Your too old to be staying with your father! Have life! Grow up!