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Kat Alano reveals she was raped 9 years ago

After the January mauling incident involving tv host comedian Vhong Navarro, Model Kat Alano posted  cryptic messages about rape, months after, she  came clean on Mo Twister’s radio show “Good Times” and revealed  that she was raped nine years ago.

Her admission  over the weekend halted  speculations about her rape post, which was inspired by  Deniece Cornejo’s accusation agains Vhong Navarro of rape issue.

Alano pointed out  to Mo Twister that she doesn’t know Cornejo or businessman Cedric Lee.

“Rape is a funny thing. People think that they assume to know all the kind of things about rape victims but they really don’t know them at all. And when they react to people saying things about rape, they have no idea what they are talking about. They’ve never been raped. They never spoke to anybody who knows anything to do with being raped,” she told the Mo.

On January 25,  after the report  that Navarro was mauled by Lee’s group, Alano tweeted: “Why is it people are so quick to defend rapists and demonize the victims? Open your eyes people.”

Because of her timing, netizens assumed that her post has any relation to the Navarro case.

“Out of all the high profile rape cases that have been in the media this one triggered something in me the most,” Alano explained to Mo Twister. “When something triggers something in you after nine years, I want this to go away. I want it to sweep under the rug and I want it to go away. I want to bury it, I never want to think about it ever again. Something was triggered in me and I could now stop it. It poured out of me.”

“It’s in incredible that in nine years, you can think that you are totally fine and then one thing just sparked it all and all of these things that you thought that never had are started coming back,” she said.

Alano shared that the past three months seemed like hell, adding that she has had anxiety attacks.

“I cry not knowing why, I’m afraid for stupid reasons. I don’t understand what I’m feeling half the time just trying to deal with these emotions that I never even knew I had. Petrified, fear, anxiety just not being able to speak, being afraid to be by myself,” she said, adding that she had to move out and stay with friends “because I couldn’t be on my own.”

However, even  Alano is going public with her rape, she said she is not yet prpared to reveal the nameof the man who raped her. She did say, however, that the man is a public figure and they had met because of work.

“I’m not ready to do that, no. Because what it will become is public figure vs public figure and the fact that I was raped and rape itself and what needs to be spoken about will totally lost in a bunch of other stuff,” Alano explained.

To hear more about Kat Alano’s revelation, you may watch this:

  • Jenny

    are you on the same drugs on your interview nine years ago? You seem high.

  • Noypikoa

    Too good to be true. Or baka naman nagsisi ka lang sa maling nagawa mo na pumatol ka sa public figure na yan at umasa ka ng malaki. Then ng di ka seryosohin, sabay sigaw ka ng rape after 9 yrs. Parang self guilt yata ang naamoy ko.

  • Noypikoa

    Sinasabi mo na kaya ka lumabas dahil nainspire ka sa paglabas ni DC, nanonood ka ba ng tv or nagbabasa man lang ng news? Everyday may nirerape! Mga batang paslit, mga katulong mga pinay ofw atbp. Kawawa sila mga walng laban. Di mo man lang ba naisip na maging advocate ka sa kanila, dahil isa ka ding rape victim? At tulungan mo silang bgyan ng lakas ng loob dahil ikaw ay lalaban sa isang malaking tao?Ang tanong ko, di ka ba nainspire sa kanila? Bakit inantay mo pa ang isang sikat bago ka lumabas? Anong intensyon mo?