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MBC staff consumes presents intended for Jonghyun of SHINee

It is expected that international K-Pop fans to send gifts overseas intended to their favorite idols in Korea. As always, such gifts are often either expensive or holds a sentimental value from a fan. The items are mailed to general addresses within agencies, concert venues, and television studios.

In a recent news,  fans were now losing interest and saddened by a television script writer for MBC who boasted about having a great time eating snack gifts that were for SHINee’s Jonghyun.

The snacks were presents supposedly for Jonghyun  care of MBC, but allegedly the staff at the studio consumed  the gifts instead of giving them them to the idol. The said script writer bragged about eating the snacks without any care for the Polish fan who had sent the present. But the most saddening part is that the script writer took photos of the emptied gifts and with a caption such as, “the unfortunate Poland fan girl probably feels worse than having ridden the wrong bus.” The script writer  happens to have the same name as Jonghyun and therefore received the present. News about it reached the netizens quickly making the scrip writer remove the photos and post from facebook.spread quickly through netizens, leading the script writer to remove the photos and post on Facebook.