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Justin Bieber’s wax figure, plus his new haircut

justin bieber

Teen pop sensation  Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to  get his own wax figure. This was confirmed by  Madame Tussauds wax museum  on Tuesday, a day after the star tweeted he had a new haircut.

The said wax figure of the 16-year-old pop phenomenon, will be launched in March at Madame Tussauds in New York, London and Amsterdam.

“To be immortalized in wax alongside some of my idols — Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyonce and my mentor, Usher — is incredibly exciting and very cool,” Bieber said in a statement.

Bieber tweeted on Monday that he had a new haircut and would give the cut hair to charity.

Photo source: fanpix

  • Alishaangelbaby

    i personally think it makes him look older and not like a little kid anymore. i think he looks a lot hotter now. and im not a major Bieber fan! i just like SOME of his music.

  • Boppers

    he definitely looks older and better!!!!!

  • Birdy

    Why is everybody makin such a big deal about it?? He cut like 2 inches, not more. So what?!

  • Chloeboughey

    he still looks FIT

  • Zehra96

     I love you JB

  • Zehra96

     I love you JB