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Justin Bieber victim of Bullying

justin bieber

According to TMZ’s  report, Justin Bieber was bullied and made it to  headlines recently.

It all happened during a laser tag match Friday night, when a kid keeps calling the teen pop sensation “faggot.”

Being a regular person as well, he defended himself from the aggressive kid.

Sources say that Bieber became frustrated when the kid  wouldn’t stop shooting and when Bieber told him, “That’s enough” … the kid responded, “What are you gonna do about it, faggot?”

Reportedly, the kid  put his hand out toward Bieber and Bieber pushed it away as he left.

In contrast to several news reports coming out, TMZ reported Bieber never struck the other boy.

Law enforcement shares to TMZ it was the boy’s father who filed the complaint hours later. Source says the father was heard at the scene repeatedly telling people, “I’m a lawyer.”

Meanwhile, investigation is still going on.