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Justin Bieber Shocks Female Fans by Picking Them Up in Limo

Justin Bieber

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber took the fortunate girls for ice-cream and treated them to a private concert as he practiced for his performance on ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’.

Justin Bieber worked with Oprah Winfrey to surprise three young sisters who were not able to see their pop idol in concert when their father was sent to serve in Iraq. ‘Operation Justin Bieber’ cameras caught the three girls chatting to their dad via Skype.

He said to them they were going to Chicago, Illinois to meet Bieber on Oprah. The shocked girls squaled, cried and danced around the room, yelling, “Thank you daddy!” Their meeting with Bieber took a twist when they arrived in the city on Monday, May 10, the pop star was sitting in the front seat of the limousine, which came to pick the girls up.

Bieber said, “When you get back we’re gonna have five tickets waiting for you and your family to come to my concert.”

  • Aronpona

    i would like to know about justin’s dates

  • shania

    i would realy like 2 get to know justin……….i think he is an awsome person !!!!!….and sounds realy fun

    • Email

      justin bieber died

    • Amy Haylee

      Look I do not like him Cuz he is all famous I would like to know him cuz the stuff I’ve seen about him he seems really sweet and affection lovin and carin so ladies that’s wat you I know it.


  • yanammmm

    uhm there have reports about justin B………

    • Twetarlay999

      justin bieber ko i like tae သူကေတာ႕ငါ႕ကိုမသိဘူး

  • Migs_yans


  • Rekasarany

    I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!!!!!!!

  • Athena Garza

    i love you Justin.!!!!

  • Sadiemonster

    This is a really great thing that he did for these girls! My cousins are in aphganistan…so I know what they are going through…to bad there aren’t many stars that are willing to do this for people!