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Justin Bieber makes Drive-Thru Pranks


Bieber fans might find this amusing…

Singing teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is having  fun pulling out pranks in fast food restaurants.

The  singer has just  put up a video, which documents variety  of his drive-thru pranks at Wendy’s and Burger King, on his Twitter page with a caption that read, “looks like we should go #cone-ing. haha. #SWAG”.

In the first part of the video, Bieber  orders an ice cream cone and grabs it by the ice cream top before driving off.

In the second part,  he buys a frosty from Wendy’s. Then brings it to Burger King’s drive-through and tries to return it, claiming he was not happy with the drink.

For his last joke, Bieber once again does some “cone-ing” but this time he takes hold of the  two ice cream cones at once, making his friend sitting  on the passenger seat to warn  him, “You’re gonna hit the wall! You’re drippin’ all over the place.” A short while later, the teen sensation is heard saying, “It’s all over me, though.”