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Justin Bieber Hit With Bottled Water on Stage Video

justin bieber

Which is better? to have strings of death hoax or be thrown with bottled water while performing?

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber might be adored by majority of teens in United States  and across the country, but it seems he couldn’t win  them all.

During a concert last year when he was rising to become a worldwide idol, he was thrown in the face with a water bottle.

It took place when he took the stage at E107.9’s Jingle Ball concert in December. He told the crowd that he loves them but suddenly a bottle filled with water was thrown at him. "Ow! That didn’t feel good," he said while fixing his hair. "I don’t know why she just threw that at me." Even though the incident was rather embarassing, he still managed to keep his composure.

Justin Bieber is  on tour right now promoting  his two albums "My World" and "My World 2.0".

What’s latest about Justin is  winning four surfboards at 2010 Teen Choice Awards and was handed Global Youth Leadership Award by Usher’s New Look Foundation.

Now that was not so bad at all.