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Hollywood celebrities excited for Pacquiao vs Bradley fight

Hollywood film “Rio 2” is set to return on April 9 to the big screen.

Aside from comedy, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, and Tracy Morgan share something common: they’re all Manny Pacquiao fans.

In the middle of  promoting their much-awaited film “Rio 2”, Hollywood stars Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, and Tracy Morgan shared about their same interest which is boxing and their growing anticipation for Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming bout.

“I’m rooting for Manny because I still wanna see Manny fight Floyd,” said Foxx.

Morgan added, “I don’t know [Timothy] Bradley. I like Manny”.

Lopez admitted that Bradley is tough. “But I think Manny got Bradley the first time so I’m going with Manny”.

Meanwhile, the celebrities are hoping that the Floyd Mayweather-Pacquiao bout will finally happen.