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Freddie Aguilar answers Maegan’s allegations

After Maegan Aguilar’s  interview with columnist Dolly Ann Carvajal,  her father  Freddie Aguilar said he only wishes the best for his daughter, Maegan,following her accusations of him of being “a bad man and a negligent father.”

In a statement sent to ABS-CBN News, the OPM icon  said he  finds it  “unfortunate that my daughter decided to take a private matter to the press.”

“I have been supporting my 35-year-old daughter and her family for many years now and have no intention of dragging her through the mud for entertainment’s sake,” he said.

Addressing this, Aguilar only said, “My daughter, her partner, and all the other people living in my house know the truth.”

The younger Aguilar also accused that apart from his 17 yearold wife whom he married in Islamic rites last November has a one-year-old daughter that he left in Pangasinan. Maegan said  his wife “brain-washed” him so that she and her family would have control of his money.

However, the Senior Aguilar refused to respond to any accusations about his wife only wishing his daughter the best.

“I wish Maegan all the best as she moves on and takes responsibility of her own life,” he said in his statement. “It is because I love my daughter that I choose to say nothing more on this matter.”

  • stjohnofthevatican

    35 years old still leaving with her father? What kind of person are you? You should be living, specially that you already have a partner! You’re too old to get support!

  • herbert halm

    too dependent i guess…