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First Love of Zac Efron Revealed at Jay Leno Show

zac efron

In  Zac Efron’s  appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Tuesday, July 20,  he has an amazing  encounter with world-renowned mentalist Lior Suchard.

In  a  national TV show, the mentalist  revealed Zac’s first love, who was never even mentioned  before.

Lior began his stunt by asking Zac to think of a number from which Lior could guess how many letters of Zac’s first love’s name.

Lior later clarified and swore that he and the “High School Musical” star had never talked to each other . The mentalist then wrote the name on a paper and raised  it to the audience to see, while Zac,  not looking at the paper, said  for the first time, stating “Katy!”

Aside having his first crush revealed by Lior, Zac also discussed about being in top of People’s Most Amazing Bodies list. He told host Jay Leno, who brought a copy of the magazine with his toned body on it, that the picture was shot when he was out in the beach along with his family. He leven confessed about his mustache disguise, admitting that he badly needed a couple of weeks to grew it.

Zac  is promoting his latest movie “Charlie St. Cloud”, where he portrays an  accomplished sailor Charlie St. Cloud, who was able to survive an accident that made him see the world in a unique way. The movie is set to  open in U.S. theaters on July 30.