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Derek Ramsay joins Kris Aquino and her kids watch a Movie

Queen of Media Kris Aquino reportedly  watched a movie  with Derek Ramsay on Saturday night.

Aquino posted on  her Instagram account a pic with her two sons and Ramsay. The 5 watched “The Fault in our Stars.”

Her first pic of the m ovie poster had a  caption: “I missed the movie’s last 20 minutes because I had to go live for A&A Tonight last May 12. So 33 days after, I will finally get to finish the movie tonight, accompanied by 3 reluctant boys who said they didn’t want to go to a ‘crying movie’ but because they loved me, they’ll accompany me.”

At first, she did not mention the names of  her three companions, but she  posted a picture of them a few hours after with a caption: “Thanks to the 3 boys who allowed me to cry my eyes out so that hopefully there are no more tears left.”

The movie “The Fault in our Stars,” was based on the novel of John Greene. It’s a  story of two cancer-stricken teenagers who fell in love.

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