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Deniece Cornejo’s grandma figures in a scuffle with Vhong Navarro’s lawyer

Reportedly, Vhong Navarro’s lawyer, and the grandmother of Deniece Cornejo got into a brief altercation at the hallway of the Taguig Regional Trial Court on Friday.

Florencia Cornejo claims that Atty. Alma Fernandez-Mallonga questioned her  about her shirt that has  “Justice for Deniece, jail the rapist” statement.

She accused that Mallonga pushed her her.

However, Mallonga said she didn’t  hurt Mrs. Cornejo. She said there were witnesses.

She added that Cornejos are just trying to  divert attention away from the case that   Vhong Navarro filed against the Deniece Cornejo  and others.

The senior Cornejo  said she already filed a blotter report planning to sue Mallonga for unjust vexation and file an administrative case against the lawyer.

Earlier, Florencia Cornejo was also involved in the same incident wherein she was caught on camera very emotional  shouting  at Navarro.

She said she plans to sue Mallonga for unjust vexation and file an administrative case against the lawyer.

  • mudplis

    Who would believe that a professional LAWYER who has had a huge media visibility all these weeks would do something so stupid like physically harassing an old lady, AND in public? Like lola, like apo ba ito?

  • Candice

    cornejo family=TRASH! Birds of a feather flock together! No wonder Deniece is a low life, she comes from a family of low life! Hello, I would never believe that Atty Alma would do a thing like that! Look what the lola did the first time! Seeing the Lola and Cedric, Deniece and Zimmeraz makes me sick to my stomach! those people are evil criminals, put them in jail!

  • Candice

    if the Philippines legal system cannot see what kind of people the Cornejos, Lee’s, Zimmeranz,Calmas, Guerreros, Fernandez are, I question the legal system there in the Phillipines. As long as Cedric, Deniece, Bernice, Ferdinand, Jed, Edgar, JP Roxanne,etc are not in jail, the people of the Philippines are not safe! Put those people away! if they were here in the states, they would be in jail already! Put that Lola away, she is a disgrace! #justiceforVhongNavarro! Praying for Vhong always

  • maximo fernan

    this grandmother is getting to be a nuisance. can she be barred or distanced away during court hearings??? first it was navarro and now, it’s atty mallonga. from her actions though, show that deniece is guilty and she wants to break-even

  • maximo fernan

    thought these CORNEJOS are respectable as a clan. we have a TV CEO, a SANDIGAN ng BAYAN powerbroker and so on and so forth. but to think about the LOLA and the APO??? i question the morality of this clan.

  • Renato R

    If the lola’s case even make it to court, i can see it now. exhibit 1, a video of her harassing vhong on his way out of court in order to establish malicious intent.. her reply, “that tape was spliced” lol

  • lougan

    I honestly respect old people with honor and class but Florencia Cornejo is one special Lola who is a low class citizen. I understand her feelings but let the court decide, they have all the eveidence. If Florencia have dignity keep her cool and have faith to their lawyers. I don’t believe that a respectable lawyer would do to harm her in front of people. Atty Malonga is not stupid as her and I am sure Atty Malonga will give Florecia what she is asking for. What a disgrace lola who is loyal to her pathetic grandniece Deniece.