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Claudine Barretto Tweets her need of help

Tv actress Claudine Barretto’s tweet last Wednesday night generated concern from netizens following her.  She posted on her Twitter account  Wednesday night her cry  for help  about a supposed attempt  to poison her children.

Barretto around 11 pm tweeted that she and her 2 kids Sabina,9 Santino, 7 are not safe and that she is being set up for an alleged poisoning.

“PLS HELP MY CHILDREN & i.we are not safe.another Employee hired to POISON MY KIDS & i.Stop TRYING TO SET ME UP.U are SO SICK” she tweeted.

The next post addressed to Barretto’s estranged husband, actor Raymart Santiago, mentioned his connections with the actress’ family members and a certain Bernadette Calove.

The post read, unedited: “Go Keep protecting my FAMILY.SANA GANUN DIN KAYO SA MGA KAPATID MO SA LABAS.Si bernadette CALOVE”

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Followers of the actress quickly expressed their alarm and concern on Twitter over the actress’ tweets, advising her to report the alleged incident to authorities.

Over an hour later since they were posted, the tweets were still visible on Barretto’s timeline.

Apart from Santiago,  Claudine has also distanced herself from her sisters Gretchen and Marjorie, who openly gave their support for the actor in his legal battle against the youngest Barretto after her accusations of domestic violence.

Gretchen and Marjorie, and their brother JJ, supported  Santiago’s sworn statements accusing Claudine of being mentally ill and has a reported history of drug abuse.