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Cedric Lee connected to sex video expose of Hayden and Katrina Halili?

Reportedly,  Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said  a request from the lawyer of actress Katrina Halili was given to her, asking to  investigate the allegations  that Lee had something to do  in the spread of Kho’s sex videos. Halili is one of the female celebrities who was seen in the videos.

According to Halili’s lawyer, Raymund Palad,  there is a pattern of extortion with Lee’s group. He added that it was Kho who first admitted that Lee was trying to extort money from him.

Hayden’s mother Mrs. Kho included in her  judicial affidavit an audio recording of a meeting between Hayden, her and a group connected  with Lee.

Kho revealed  that before the sex video scandal erupted, the group was attempting to extort P4 million from him or else the videos would come out.

De Lima has already made instructions to  the National Bureau of Investigation to check on  Lee’s connection in the Hayden Kho sex scandal.

“We are conducting an investigation. we will have to refer to the audio recording that was submitted to the court by Mrs. Kho,” said NBI Cybercrime Division chief Ronald Aguto.

On the other hand, Lee’s lawyer slammed  the DOJ for trying to drag his client to another scandal.

“I don’t have any knowledge of this issue. However, if true that the DOJ is again trying to pin my client in another unfounded issue, it just shows the bias of DOJ against my client. I hope that my client’s name and reputation won’t be dragged unjustly to satisfy purposes and objectives only known to DOJ and some individuals,” Lee’s lawyer, Howard Calleja, said.

  • Nicolette

    BIR is conducting investigations also………I think its great