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Bruce Jenner’s mom proud with his decision to become transgender

Pouring support for her son, Mother of Bruce Jenner, Esther Jenner revealed  to the Associated Press on Wednesday, Feb. 4, about her son’s decision on gender transition from male to female, adding that she was “more proud of him now” than when he won his 1976 Olympic gold decathlon medal.

Esther, 88, shared to  AP that she communicate with  her son recently about his transition. “It was brief and I said I was proud of him and that I’ll always love him,” she recalled of the conversation. “I never thought I could be more proud of Bruce when he reached his goal in 1976, but I’m more proud of him now. It takes a lot of courage to do what he’s doing.”

Despite her acceptance, she admitted that the news came in as a surprise to her, finding it difficult to discuss things.

Meanwhile, Jenner revealed that his family respects him and will support  his decision.