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The Hills Finale: What is Fake and What is Real?

the hills

MTV reality show “The Hills”  ended its sixth season run on Tuesday night.

The most memorable moments, the final scene, the cameras panned out to reveal  crew members and cameramen, showing what a production of reality show really is. MTV also managed to  mess with viewers’ heads a bit, and prompting critics who were thingking that the whole show was not real anyway.

Another notable moment was shen Lauren Conrad, the former “Hills” star, appeared for the program’s live aftershow. “I’m just really proud I was able to be a part of it,” Conrad said.

During the last scene, Kristin Cavallari hops inside a waiting car headed for the airport, where she told her “Hills” pals she’d flying to some unnamed country in Europe. Kristin closes the car door, leaving Brody Jenner behind, waving goodbye.

However, instread of pulling away, the camera pans out to show the entire production, showing crewmembers and cameramen.

“The thing is, as you saw on the end — what’s real and what’s fake, you don’t know,” Jenner explained during the live aftershow broadcast. “Our relationship, the entire time could have been fake,” he said. “That’s one of the questions: what was real and what was fake, and we left it [open].”

For Cavallari, she said she was happy on how the show ended, leaving the speechless. Lo Bosworth was equally happy with the ending.

“You know when the last scenes of the show were happening, I got a little [lump] in my throat,” she said. “They were great. I loved it.”

The entire crew and cast except for Heidi and Spencer were present reminiscing the good old times, when all of a sudden Holly, Heidi’d sister got very emotional. When asked why, she said she just misses her sister, though not fully aware of what is going on with the couple, she sincerely hopes to be reunited with her someday. She even managed to praise Heidi by saying, she’s the best person.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Pratt was allowed to dispel rumors about her joining “The City” which also ended its second season on Tuesday Night.

“No! I twittered two weeks ago [that] I bought an open-ended ticket to New York,” Pratt explained. “That’s how it happened,” she said of the gossip.